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COVID-19 Forces Strategy Pivot

COVID-19 Forces Strategy Pivot, Thank Goodness!

Last week on our program, 6 Degrees of Association, we had the opportunity to speak with Lewis Flax of Flax Associates about how associations should be thinking through their event sponsorship strategy going forward.
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Selling Sponsorships in a COVID-19 world

“Should I reach out to my sponsors?” “What should I say?” Questions an association executive asked me three months ago. In early March, she was humming along, confident about her relationships with her top sponsors, and on track for another stellar year. How things have changed.  Now dealing with her two children at home, trying […]

Gaining Board Approval for Your Corporate Partnership Program

You are charged with establishing your corporate partnership program and face a major hurdle: Board members have a negative view of sponsor involvement. One association executive director was pressed by his board to increase sponsorship revenue. Association revenue was stagnant and he was worried about board perception of his capabilities and the increasing pressure to increase revenue. […]

Are You Ready to Answer the Question: “What is the ROI for this Sponsorship?” Partnership vs. Membership

When seeking sponsors for meetings, conferences, and more, associations need to be ready for the loaded question, “What is the ROI for this sponsorship? Answering isn’t always so simple, yet the response you provide can be crucial to closing the deal. Are you ready to respond? Have you considered: What are they really asking when they ask about […]

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Three Steps to Make Your Sponsorship Offerings more Targeted and Valuable

  Your logo on badges, bags and key cards, oh my! Do these sound like some of the standard sponsorship opportunities that your association is offering? You are not alone. Association after association offer “visibility sponsorships” with logos on signage, lanyards, and more. But the reality is, conference attendees quickly forget who sponsored what and […]
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Strategies to Simplify Prospecting for Corporate Partners: Association Partnership vs. Membership

If your association is like almost all other associations, you struggle to identify, cultivate, and secure corporate partners. Prospecting can be a huge workload and staff time burden. When handled correctly, prospecting can lead to promising results, energized staff, and additional income.
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Partnership vs. Membership: STEP Up from Sponsorship To Partnership

Associations commonly struggle with how to increase sponsorship revenue. Reaching out to the same companies over and over again is time-consuming and difficult. Providing transactional sponsorship offerings may bring in dollars but is unlikely to dramatically increase revenue. The solution? STEP up from transactional sponsorships and begin building collaborative partnerships.
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Partnership v. Membership: Suppliers Should Not Be Association Members

Elizabeth Engel and I are addressing the interactions and relationships between members and partners within associations.  Elizabeth shared her thoughts in a prior post.  Here is my take. Suppliers and Members are Involved with Associations for Different Reasons Suppliers should not be considered association members and the relationship between associations and the supplier community should be revisited.      […]